Book Title : Ayurvediya Garbh Sanskar
Author/Editor : Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe
Publisher : Sakal Papers Ltd.
No. of Pages : 212
Binding : Hard Case
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About the book :

Everything you need to know from the time you plan to have your baby, through pregnancy and delivery, and up until your child is two years old.

The ancient scriptures and Ayurveda prescribe a particular daily practice for the pregnant woman. Along with the prescription of diet, Yoga, and routine body care, instructions are also given for reading material, subjects of discussion, and music and mantras to be listened to. Garbha Sanskar is an ayurvedic way to achieve feminine balance. The book will help the woman to achieve a perfect balance to conceive and give birth to a healthy, beautiful and intellectual child. It is a complete guide on Nutrition, Yoga, Spiritual life and Wellness before pregnancy and till the child is 2-3 yrs.

Traditional Indian Sanskar and therapies
Planning for a healthy child and preparing for pregnancy
Ayurvedic concepts and medical formulations for pregnancy
The importance of Healing Music
Yoga during and after Pregnancy
Diet before, during and after pregnancy
Daily practices that can help your baby in the womb
Complete child care
Natural diet and therapy that helps you regain your shape after delivery

The book is trusted and has benefited lacs of mothers and their child. The Marathi edition launched in 2007 has sold more than 120,000 copies and has been passed to millions.

About the Author :
Dr Shri Balaji Tambe has been a pioneering Ayurvedic physician for forty years. He has rediscovered several vital processes in Ayurvedic therapy as well as pharmacology, leaving a trail for many others in the field to follow. A number of his proprietary medicines have been his own formulations. His centers for Ayurvedic Pancha Karma in India and abroad are considered international benchmarks. He is a spiritual guide to many people all over the world.
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